Chafe, sunburn and moves like John Wayne!

It all started as a dare … Don said he would give us R2000 to do the Amashova on a single speed postman bike. Roger also said he would contribute an additional R2000 if Wade rode with a chicken on the back! That’s when we realised we could make some decent money for a charity.

We selected Cupcakes for Kids with Cancer, a non-profit organization with a passion for creating awareness about the early warning signs of childhood cancer. We set ourselves a target of R20 000 and needed all the help we could get from our machine marketing department. We worked it hard … photo shoots, interviews, newspaper articles, and loads of social media posts! Some days it felt like we were constantly in our lumo pink wigs and cycle shorts!

With two weeks left until the race, it finally dawned on us that we should get some training done! Eat, sleep, dream, think about training and repeat … this is what consumed our lives in the lead up to the race.

Kirsty arranged for us to meet four time Amashova winner, Nolan Hoffman (“The Hoff”) and members of Team Abantu – much needed inspiration and motivation. We were pink & pumped to rock this – even with a collective 12 hours of intense training – we were determined to achieve our goals!

Race day was abuzz with excitement and our unique dress code caused much interest. We were interviewed just before we started by at TV crew and had a second interview at the 1st water table for the website and when we finished Supersport asked to copy all of the video footage that Wade had on his Go Pro video camera that was on his handlebars!

From the start line we had one thing on our minds … to beat the cut offs and finish! Many people doubted that we would finish the race – “There’s no way you’ll finish on those bikes” and “Are you crazy?” This just added fuel to our desire to complete the race!

We soon earned some serious respect as we passed people riding expensive bikes … uphill!
The satisfaction was all ours, knowing that we were fighting for all the little hero’s battling cancer and nothing was going to stop us!

Kent battled with a bit of a cramp going up Botha’s hill but after some encouragement, Deep Heat and a muscle relaxant tab felt like Lance Armstrong on ‘juice’!

The camaraderie and support from spectators along the way was amazing from start to finish.
We had fellow riders in shock and awe when they saw the bikes we were riding and had cheers from onlookers and people in cars constantly hooting!

The support from Expand a Sign and even from total strangers was amazing! We finished in a time of 6h28 and raised R23 000 for charity!

The chafe, sunburn and cowboy walk was all worth it – we did it … both goals smashed!

It was such an awesome experience from start to finish – watch this space for our next adventure!

Kent & Wade