Expand a Sign – A truly global brand

In the past 20 years, we’ve sent our products to all 4 corners of the world. From major countries like the USA, England, Australia, Germany, Russia and China, to obscure locations like the Marshall Islands, Galapagos and even the North Pole. Our products are in demand all over the globe – with 86 of the world’s top 100 brands trusting Expand a Sign with their brand’s image.

So how did a small idea in 1997 from a Durban carpenter, go on to revolutionise the portable branding industry with creations like the Pop-Up A-Frame, Flying Banner, Ex-Up Banner and 360ºWondaSign. Simple… A “Yes We Can” attitude, an undeniable will to succeed and the core pillars that is the foundation this company is built upon – Quality, Service, Innovation and Passion.

Starting out with a staff compliment consisting of 3 print staff, 1 heat press operator, 3 DTP operators, an international sales rep and 10 machinists to now just over 300 staff in our global family.

The below illustration (link) shows you just how far we’re willing to go for our customers.
The areas in blue represent the various agencies we have set up and the areas in pink represent the countries/islands our products have been sent to.

EAS Global Footprint

Who knows, in the next 20 years we could very well be sending our products to Mars…