Achilles Hand Cycle Relay

On the 25th and 26th of May, the Expand a Sign team joined 8 other corporate teams for the Achilles Hope & Possibility Hand Cycle 24 hour Relay Race to make a mark in helping disabled athletes, children from Ethembini School and other charities that focus on disabled and visually impaired children achieve their dreams.

The collective teams covered over 3500km in 24 hours. The winning team, from Zimbabwe. Travelled over 2000km over 3 days to get here and smashed it with almost 400km under their belts alone. These men had never seen the ocean before nor had they ridden a hand cycle before this event.

Our awesome Expand a Sign team consisting of: Donovan Pelser, Kirsty Fonzari, Shaun Janke, Sakhile Gumede, XO Mdima, Wade Bartlett, Martin Holder, Treasure Ndlovu, Shaun Naidoo, Ann Dryden, Graham Hough and friends and family. This team covered just over 360km and earned a 3rd place finish.

This event gave us a new found respect for those that are differently abled and the simple, effortless tasks we take for granted that others can’t.