How to Get People Sharing Your Event on Social Media

Ever planned an event? If you have, you will agree that it involves careful planning and lots of hard work! But when you see it all come together and people enjoying the event, you definitely know that all your hard work was well worth it.

There are so many different elements to take into consideration when planning an event but the main focus should be to ensure that the event represents your brand and your business. It is equally important to make sure that your guests experience at the event is as impactful as possible. Your event should impact your guest’s personal brands.

Personal brand? Yes, I am talking about Social Media, where it is all about conveying a certain image, a certain personal brand, ensuring your guests are having the best time ever … this will create a great sense of FOMO amongst their peers.

Here are some tips that we at Expand a Sign have come up with to boost social sharing at your next event:

  1. #Signage

Hashtags are everywhere! Does your event have a hashtag? If not, it definitely should! Show your hashtag off to everyone at the event, include it on your invitations, tickets, website and signage. Most importantly, place signage all around your event so that when people are taking those selfies and group shots, your branding is right in there with them for everyone on social media to see. Signage is our game at Expand a Sign, so take our expert word for it!

  1. Dedicated photo zones

If your event doesn’t have any “show-stopping” sights that will encourage your guests to snap away you can simply create an area. Backdrops with amazing lighting are the perfect solution. Your guests could feel like they are on the red carpet or you could create fun and creative photo booths with your branding included. These are always a hit!

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

The last thing you want is for guests to walk into your event and be bored just by looking at it. Make it aesthetically pleasing from the moment they walk in and they will be snapping away and sharing the images automatically. Every little detail matters! Lighting, décor … even the food!

So ask yourself this when planning your next event… Am I creating a social media sharing opportunity?