From Humble Beginnings

From humble beginnings come great things. And Expand a Sign has laboured and toiled over the past 17 years to mould the company into an effective, successful and thriving branding manufacturing business, selling to over 40 countries and imprinting its stamp on the world of advertising displays and soft signage. Since the beginning, Expand a Sign has had a dream of making every brand visible.

The tale of our founders has been told before but there is more to the story of how Expand a Sign was established. As a beach cabana manufacturer, Expand a Sign was approach in 1996 by a customer with a request to screen print logos and company brands onto these fold up tents. The possibilities in print fascinated Expand a Sign and they began pushing the boundaries of both ink and fabric. The innovation of the Flying Banner introduced a revolutionary new product into the branding market, allowing them to broaden their product range further and letting the company grow and test modern printing technologies. Researching and developing new creations – from producing their own hardware to specially coating a variety of specifically woven and knitted polyester fabrics – each new challenge was met and defeated. Swelling the product assortment to contain no less than 30 items, Expand a Sign’s workforce has also multiplied to include a factory and head office of over 200 staff, with regional offices in every major city of South Africa, 24 countries in Africa, the Middle east, Asia, Europe and North America. Our sister company ExpandaBrand has been established in both Australia and USA.

What sets Expand a Sign apart from the cheaper, unreliable alternatives is not only the superior quality of their product, but also the passion and dedication that each member of the Expand a Sign family has to the products that are produced within their factory. Such commitment is recognised in the customer service that Expand a Sign offers; the sales squad are confident and proud of their wares and it shows in the way they work. Expand a Sign Sales Team can provide free product demonstrations at any location, suggest specific products and kits for particular branding environments, offer the service of set up and take down at events and back their quality up with a hardware warrantee that pledges the repair.

Keeping in mind that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten (The filmmaker Ed Sabol said that, I believe), Expand a Sign believes that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives (Fine. I plagiarised that quote too. This time from the famed US Marine William. A. Foster).


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