Why investing in quality branding solutions may give your brand the edge…

When you think of expos and trade shows, it’s usually synonymous with goodie bags filled with flyers from various vendors that really do their utmost to stand out from all the white-walled clutter that is the traditional expo stand.

But are you really doing the most you can for your brand? Expos and trade shows are a massive investment in time and money, and you really can’t afford to blend in with the crowd – so why not give yourself a competitive edge with Expand a Sign’s range of 360º WondaSign displays?

Uzwelo Bags recently exhibited at the Durban ICC for the Decorex and I must admit, we did not expect the amazing response we received for our display. Firstly, winning the prize for the Best Collective Stand on the opening day was truly the cherry on top of what was a memorable a successful 4 days at Decorex but most off all, the attention our display drew from customers and fellow exhibitors was absolutely priceless. Fortunately enough, we had our Expand a Sign sales team on hand at our Canvex stand to refer these interested parties to.

Expand a Sign’s WondaSign displays are extremely easy to setup and transport – offering a range of solutions from round, elliptical, tables and wall displays which can be used independently or as an entire display. But this isn’t even the best part… All our WondaSign products come with optional lighting for the piece de resistance.

This edge may be the difference between potential customers simply grabbing a brochure/freebies and actually taking a moment to find out what your business is all about.