Love Your Brand with our Custom Inflatable Columns

At Expand a Sign, every month is the month of love. We love branding and we especially love your brand… Your brand is no side-chick. It deserves your full, undivided attention – so why not show it off?

We’ve taken our extremely popular Inflatable Rotating Columns and added some junk in their trunk. We liked it, so we put a “thing” on it. Let’s meet our brand bachelors:

Inflatable Columns

Bachelor number 1: He’s tall, not so dark and handsome, and will light up any room with his sparkling charm.
Bachelor number 2: Somebody call 911 cause this guy is hot and ready to burn the house down.
Bachelor number 3: All the ladies want this guy. He has a care-free attitude and his motto is “Donut worry, be happy”.
Bachelor number 4: This guy is the life of any party. One night with him and you’re guaranteed to have a ball.
Bachelor number 5: Watch out ladies, this one’s a real heart-breaker…

We’ve highlighted some creative examples to help spark your imagination and take your brand relationship to the next level.

All our units are interchangeable, so you can change the inflatable skin depending on your event and utilise the same blower. All our Inflatable Columns come fitted with LED lights to really set the mood at evening events.