Man, what a United bunch of players!

Companies who play together, stay together. Which is why we’re big on sports and team building at Expand a Sign. No matter your rank while at work, everyone is equal when on the field.

On Friday 30th August, 35 Expand a Sign employees flexed and warmed up at the Crusaders Club in Durban North for what was to be a monumental battle of the soccer ball. From the younger adults within each department to some of the more ‘mature’ members in the Expand a Sign family, it was a fiercely contended tournament. In the late afternoon rain, 5 teams each consisting of 7 players all stared their opponents down as they fetched their team bibs, tightened their shoelaces and found their places in the midfield, defence or forward line. The rules of soccer being very simple, basically are this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does. Expand a Sign CEO Donovan bend-it-like-Bailey hates to lose, but his team were vanquished by the mighty Soup A Stars who revelled in their eventual victory. From the winning team, Financial Manager Bridget and machinist Lucky both proved that stamina comes in small packages.

And because there’s no such thing as bad weather  but only soft people, the footie players and spectators happily barbecued in the rain after their championship. One particular innovator had refashioned a Horizontal A-Frame to cover the braai, allowing the fire to flicker and glow without getting wet.

Keeping in mind that chef Gordon Ramsay and singers Rod Stewart and Robbie Williams all barely missed careers as professional football players, always remember that it’s never too late to take your free kick before the final whistle. Some people dream about goals… Expand a Sign makes them!

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