A Fierce Inspiration – Alicia Loganathan

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fear.” – Mark Anthony

Alicia Loganathan has only been with our ExpandaFamily for a short while, but she is much too inspiring not to introduce to the world. She is our National Key Accounts Manager and she has an incredible story of passion and determination.

Diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease in May 2013, one can only imagine how shocking this news can be and how it can change someone’s whole life. Alicia went through a heartbreaking time of having to undergo a major operation, followed by 6 months of no mobility, and then followed by a mountain of medical bills that set her back quite substantially financially.

Now, something like this can make someone go one of two ways… Self-pity or Courage! Those were Alicia’s choices, and she chose the latter. She realized that there are less fortunate people dying of Autoimmune Disease because they don’t have the financial means to treat such an illness, thus Alicia went ahead and started her own NGO, the Autoimmune Disease Foundation!

“While it does feel good to make a difference, its overwhelming at times as this is a critical illness with no spot light on it, so funding or assistance in any way is usually difficult to get. I know I will not be able to fund everyone in a government hospital who is autoimmune but if I can create the awareness then I know the right treatment will follow.”

The future is looking bright for ADF! Ambassadors are jumping on board that can use their influence to help with awareness and funding. Recently a fundraising event was held where 120 got together with Alicia for a High Tea Event. With the venue and food sponsored, ticket sales were able to be donated to the NGO.

Well done Alicia, we are super proud of you! An inspiration to us all!