An Instrument Between Two Worlds – Bhavani Gengan

We continue to find out how incredible our staff at Expand a Sign are and this month is no different! Bhavani Gengan is in our Accounts Department and when I found out what she does outside of Expand a Sign, I was nothing but amazed!

Bhavani has been working for Expand a Sign for about 10 years and this Superwoman is a Financial Controller by day and a Traditional Indian Singer by night. She not only writes her own songs, plays the Harmonium (also known as a Pump Organ – and yes I Googled it), but she has also released 5 albums since 2011.

A musician of any kind continues to grow within their art and Bhavani explains that : “In classical music, the way sound is used – the ragas, the tunes, everything – is such that if you get deeply involved in it, it will bring meditativeness. Classical Indian music has, to a mathematical precision, recognized which sound can do what. If you know how to use sounds, a proper arrangement of sounds can do incredible things to people and to the situation. There are exponents of music who know it by experience and that is what I aim to achieve in my music.”

Hearing how Bhavani talks about her music is almost transformational and takes you into another world… It is quite incredible to hear someone’s undeniable passion and love for what they do.

When music or a song reflect our own inner ideas, the outside world changes and we hum music over and over because there is resonance between the inner and outer worlds and its divine connection. This is how I feel when I perform, connected to Divinity where God is the artist I become the instrument. Despite the accolades and honours bestowed upon me for which I am very grateful and humbled, every time I achieve this Divine connection, it fulfills me and forms my best memories in this life…”

We absolutely love having Bhavani as a part of our ExpandaFamilly!!!

Hear one of Bhavani’s songs here :