Jack of All Trades – Jack Boyce

“Do something one thousand times to know how to do it. Do something one million times to master it.” This is the motto of one of our Sales Reps, Jack Boyce and believe me, he really has mastered a few things in his time, and it still continues.

The second part of the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” really does not apply to this Jack. Everything he tries, he seems to master. This might have something to do with his curiosity to “figure stuff out” and his passion for life. I mean, if anyone was in hospital for a year after a horrific car accident, it could go either way – passion for life or the alternative. Jack chose passion! In the car accident he broke his knee, hip, femur, pelvis, seven ribs, wrist, cheek bone, tore a lung, and had to have reconstructive surgery on his hand because the car fell on it and crushed it. Now that deserves a massive “WOW”!!! It is crazy and an absolute miracle that he is still here to tell the story.

But Jack’s passion and curiosity for figuring things out started even before the accident. In fact, it started when he was ten years old and saw his grandparents growing their veggie garden and he wanted to do the same. He not only started to grow his own without help, but he even started his own compost heap. All at the ripe old age of ten, and to this day continues with his veggies garden with broccoli, cauliflower, mealies, tomatoes, three types of lettuce, spinach, and beetroot. Not to mention his hydroponics and aquaponics!

Jack also does quite a few things that revolve around photography. But of course, his favourite is not your conventional photography hobby… He loves to do Deep Space Photography. And his reasons for this can’t be argued! I mean who is not fascinated by space? It is always different, he will never be able to see everything and there are so many factors that play a role with the photographs, such as mist, dew and temperature. He even built his own radio receiver which records radio frequencies and converts them into images from the Space Station. Now how awesome it that?

There are so many things that Jack does, from photography to fishing to making surfboards to gold bearing rock, and it still continues! Jack’s next venture is to do his Coaching Course and become a rugby coach to little kids. This won’t be too hard for Jack with his passion for the sport being an ex-professional rugby player.

The great thing about meeting someone like Jack and having the opportunity to work with someone like him is that his passion for all things tends to rub off on you, and we could all do with someone like that in our lives! Wishing Jack all the best on his next venture!!