Kenston Joash Deeplal – An all-round inspiration to us all

I was born on the 5th of April 1991 to parents who were pastors. My mom was a probationary pastor in the Full Gospel Church when she met my dad who was a youth pastor. They call their meeting a “Divine accident”, for it was as though they were set up by God. That was so because both of them had the same goals and plans. Plans that changed the lives of thousands of people in our Province of Kwazulu-Natal. I was born into that plan.

My mom started a crisis centre for the purpose of assisting hurt, broken people in our city. The work included ministry with street children and homeless adults. Feeding and distribution of clothing, grocery packages, medical supplies and toiletries are what they started with. The major part of their work was taking people off the streets, housing them in shelters, placing some of the addicts and alcoholics into rehabilitation facilities while contacting their families to have them returned home.

Yes, growing up I had big shoes to fill. This is the life I have lived, but it did not stop there. My parents good works impacted mine as I grew up. I did not have rebellious years, for I found helping others made me feel happy and fulfilled. So at school I decided to make a difference. At primary school, I took lots of sandwiches and did my own food distribution. That’s where it began for me. As the head boy in high school, I gathered others and with the motivation of a great teacher, I contacted companies to assist in grocery distribution to the less fortunate kids. The results were amazing. It never stopped My sister continued what I started when she got to high school. My work at school helped other youngsters open up about abuse and violence at home.

It seemed as though I was born for this and I knew that brokenness and pain were never just little issues, all lives matter. I knew my purpose and I know today that everyone doing a little bit of good can make the world a better place.

After matric I studied at Keyline College to be a designer. It is something I love, my passion. In as much as I want to help people, I believe in having a career because I will be more effective in my community endeavours. No time to raise funds, my family believes that our charity is genuine when we use our own finances to assist others.

However, I also needed to study Theology to have qualifications for ministry, so I studied for six years and graduated Magna Cum Laude. I launched my first book in 2015. Music is another one of my passions, so I enrolled in music school on weekends to learn the piano, vocals and violin. I believe that we can excel in everything that we want to if we strive to do it.

I am currently employed at Expand a Sign where we are family. I have the full support of my team with my ministry. My work in the community has grown and intensified. I am a board member at the Sinakekele Children. At Sinakekele, I teach the children arts, crafts and music. Our church provides meals for 200 children 2 Saturdays a month and my sister teaches computers. As the junior Bishop of our local church, Word and Light Centre, I love this aspect of ministry the most. My work with the children is indescribable because there is nothing more special than the laughter and joy that I bring to those who need it so much. The most fulfilling experience in life is to give hope to the hopeless.

Our ministry to those that are involved in drugs and alcoholics has advanced. We do outpatient drug treatment as well as aftercare and drug testing. I am grateful that in small ways, families are relieved of the burden of suffering when we step in with hope. My hope and aspirations for the future is to continue and expand this very great and effective ministry. By expanding, I hope others will join in because more of us are needed to fight the prevalent evil and inject goodness and grace into this failing country. I love my country South Africa. It pleases me to positively make a difference.

My greatest experience for 2019 was my trip to Turkey, Israel and other Middle East countries. I was baptised and blessed for my Missions which opened my eyes to many life changing experiences. This was my spiritual journey that added value to what I already appreciate, my faith. In that place, I saw the Bible come to life. I will never be the same. Great land, beautiful experience but I am still proudly South African.

South Africa has many dangers and we go to places where angels fear to tread. Me, being a geek, need to become a little more brave so I do karate for self defence purposes. This is something I intend to teach the children after I have completed my training. To those reading this article, helping others is the best way to peace of mind and great joy. One random act of kindness on your part can change someone’s destiny forever. Make life count.