Life Is An Adventure – Ahlene Erasmus

Ladies and gentlemen we would like to introduce you to an incredible, strong and determined woman! Nothing stops Ahlene Erasmus – one of our Sales reps in our Cape Town branch who has been with us since July 2015.

Now I’m not much of an “exercise fundi” but from where I’m standing, Ahlene is amazing! From a young age, she was running in 100m and 1200m races, setting new school records every year. Being a super competitive child she struggled with the idea of ever coming second and even faked a cramp when she realized it could be a possibility. From this, she learnt a great lesson that coming second is far better than giving up!

Ahlene’s adult life has been a series of tests when it comes to her running, and her determination to carry on is something that should inspire most people.

She completed the Impi Challenge obstacle Course which was 20 obstacles in 10km. The next year she went on to do the Warrior Race, Black Ops (30 obstacles in 17km), and the very next weekend she completed the Impi Elite, which is 28 obstacles in 20km! I mean, that deserves a “WOW”, don’t you think?

But as luck would have it, 2 weeks later Ahlene was running that brutal “Mommy Race” at her daughter’s school sports event and you would not believe it but she tore 90% of her calf muscle!

This still did not stop our Ahlene, as the very next year, she entered The Grind Obstacle (even though she knew she wasn’t quite ready) where she ended up slipping on a tyre and snapped a ligament in her ankle – a.k.a. a moonboot for another 6 weeks.

Finally, she learnt her lesson and took a year off to recover and has recently started her training again, with the help of another Sales Rep of the ExpandaFamily – Jacques de Beer Strydom).

Ahlene is on the road back to being in top physical fitness condition and ready to finally reach her goal of 21km in under 2 hours! And just when you think that is all – she has also taken on another adventure of rock climbing… there is no stopping Ahlene!

We wish you all the best Ahlene with your goal and we will be cheering you on from the sidelines!!! #TeamAhlene