The Flying Banner

The Origins of the Flying Banner

Some time ago there lived a man, full of thoughts and ideas. One dusk as the man cursed the streams who bore no fish for him to catch, he gazed upon the shadow of his fishing rod and pondered, ‘If the rod was not intended to yield my dinner, what other purpose could it serve?’ Just then, wild notions spilt forth of the man attaching a piece of cloth to the fishing rod and using it as a banner for all the world to see.

As legend goes, the teardrop-shaped Flying Banner was a simple idea that showed what innovative thought and creativity could produce. Someone believed that within a mere fishing rod held a single brilliant concept. So by bending the tip of a fishing rod and applying fabric under tension, he created the Flying Banner. No one was prepared for how much of an impact this beautifully simplistic design would have on the portable branding industry. From its beginnings in South Africa in 1999, the Flying Banner has been seen throughout the globe – even at the North Pole.

The clever, uncomplicated design is what sets the Flying Banner apart from any rivals; the bending of the rod allows the fabric to remain under tension thereby avoiding the flogging action that destroys other flags. The unique shape is ideal for any brand’s logo or tagline to be perfectly displayed. The Flying Banner has developed into the standard setter for the soft signage world. This unbeaten quality starts from the textile we use for our bags, the inks and polyester fabrics, the indestructible poles, and the unique mounts and ratchet system – all adding up to the very best calibre of product. Some say that imitation is the best form of flattery and over the years at Expand a Sign, we have protected our rights by investing funds into intellectual property. Knowing that we have a legal right to protect our innovative ideas and patents, we have been fortunate to win each of our cases.

In the 15 years since the inception of the Flying Banner, Expand a Sign has refined, tweaked and modified the product to allow for more ease of use and to guarantee further longevity. But as branding evolves and progresses, the Flying Banner will undoubtably always stand tall as a true original.


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