SKY-ZEBO – The next generation in portable branding

Innovation includes all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into useful products. In business, innovation often results when ideas are applied by the company in order to further satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers.

In the past couple of centuries, there have been countless innovations that have improved our lives – such as: the combustion engine, electricity, mobile phones and the internet but what if there was something that could offer your brand a simple yet immensely effective solution to get greater brand exposure at events?

At Expand a Sign we don’t do average. 21 years on and 8 international patents later, we’re still looking at ways to revolutionise the world of portable branding. Through this passion to innovate, we have developed something simple to use yet remarkable in its’ presence. Introducing the Sky-Zebo – the next generation in portable branding. We have combined two of our most popular products and created a product that is guaranteed to have your brand stand out of the crowd and wow customers alike.

• Ideal for product and brand activations
• Versatile – shelter and heightened brand visibility at crowded events
• Our seamless Gazebo skin design offers a greater branded area
• Keep your brand relevant with 6 interchangeable Inflatable skins, which include:
Ball, Disc, Cube, Slim Can, Medium Can and Bottle
• Custom shapes available on request*
• Easy to install and replace skins – zips on and off
• Lightweight and portable – fits comfortably in a car
• LED lighting available on request for evening events
• 200w internal blower – quiet enough to use at indoor events
• Use your existing Expand a Sign Gazebo frame and order the Sky-Zebo skin, blower and Inflatable – cost effective and keeps your brand relevant
• *Power source required for blower and lighting

Impressed? We thought so… Check out this video of the Sky-Zebo in action and imagine what it could do for your brand.