Sustainable Branding

Sustainable Branding

2017 for me, has been the year of sustainable living. Consumers and businesses have become increasingly more aware of how their actions affect our fragile environment. From only choosing cosmetic products by brands that don’t test on animals to meat-free Mondays and only buying from environmentally conscious retailers, we as consumers now play a much more vital role in how businesses practice.

At Expand a Sign, 2017 is just another year. You see, we’ve had our environment at the forefront of every business decision made for the past 20 years.

  • The inks we use are water based and non-toxic.
  • Our polyester fabric is 100% biodegradable and once recycled, can be used to make plastic, concrete and clothing.
  • All our packaging is made of cardboard.
  • Our un-recycled waste fabric is donated to Uzwelo who in turn use the fabric to make functional and stylish bags that uplift our communities through their social development program – with a percentage of all sales donated towards wildlife conservation.
  • We recycle on average, 10 tons of paper each month.

Our latest initiative has allowed us to keep our fleet of branded vehicles looking as good as our branding, while remaining environmentally conscious. With our country facing a water crisis, we embarked on installing a tank to harvest rain water. The water harvested is then used to wash our Expand a Sign vehicles.

As individuals, we often wonder if what we do does or can make a difference. As a brand, we believe this to be true. Don’t look at our environmental issues in its’ entirety but rather as one medial task at a time and soon your actions will inspire others to do so.