Make your branding stand out

Why is branding important?

In this day and age, as a consumer, we are inundated with choices when selecting a product or service and often find it hard to make a decision.

It is for this exact reason that branding is of such importance. Quite simply, choices are the only way consumers actually know you exist. So it’s become more vital than ever for brands to ensure that they maximize their brand exposure through effective marketing mediums. Yes, there are other ways apart from branding in which to obtain business, such as word of mouth referrals – but, ask yourself, is that really enough?

Branding is so much more than just sticking your logo on a banner or gazebo. It’s about understanding your brand’s DNA and transforming it into a visibly outstanding marketing tool. Branding has the amazing ability to highlight “Who you are”, “Who you want to be” and “Who your consumers perceive you to be”.

Many people feel that branding’s main objective is to set your brand apart from your competitors but I feel it’s about your consumer seeing you as a solution to their problem. People tend to do business with companies they’re familiar with, so it’s vital that your branding connects with your customers emotionally and creates a lasting impression.

We live in a time where branding has become more important than the actual product or service we’re offering. Many may argue this, but the proof is in the pudding. From the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the places we eat and appliances we buy. And why? All because we have had an emotional connection with a particular brand.

In the short space of time that I have been at Expand a Sign I’ve come to realise that branding is a culture. A dedicated and passionate attitude for turning Joe Soap’s Corner Deli into the next supermarket chain. Right from the office to the production line, we live and breathe this vision. On every wall, on each floor and in all departments, they have found a way to create a visually stimulating environment for the staff to connect with the Expand a Sign brand.

Now that’s effective branding!