Why is recycling so important?

Why is recycling so important?

Expand a Sign is not just the leader of portable branding in South Africa but we are pioneering new ways in which we are the most eco friendly manufacturers in our industry.

Every 2 hours, humans throw out enough waste to fill the world’s largest container ship. That’s 12 container ships every single day, and 4380 container ships in one year.

South Africa as a whole cannot compare to the waste disposal with that of the USA but we are a developing country with a large percentage of our population living in poverty. We need to make a difference where we can as every little bit counts towards ensuring a healthy future for generations to come.

Expand a Sign is one of those companies that believes in taking a more ethical and green approach when manufacturing our products, to ensure that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand, with 300 staff in our worldwide network all adapting the same philosophy.

As part of reducing our carbon footprint, we print 684 kms a year on non-toxic, recyclable and reusable fabric. We recycle 10 tons of paper every month. Our waste material is recycled and used to make bags and we’re constantly looking at new ways to minimize the impact we have on our fragile environment.

Don’t get me wrong, getting into the habit of recycling is not an easy task and it usually loses its appeal once the novelty wears off, and usually takes a back burner. It needs to become a lifestyle by making it interactive and implemented into our daily process.

Expand a Sign are introducing a great initiative that not only reduces our brand’s eco footprint but that of our staff’s community too.

Each day, our staff are required to bring a can to feed into our Can Crusher. All proceeds from the recycled waste will be used towards staff team building initiatives to reward them for doing their bit for the environment and essentially cleaning up their communities one can at a time.