Pull-Up Banner Sizes

A simple guide to Pull Up Banner sizes

Deciding which Pull-Up Banner size to go with for an event, can be quite challenging – especially with so many options available.

To help with the confusion, we’ve put together a simple yet comprehensive guide to Pull-Up Banner sizes that are commonly available to you.

Did you know that our Ex-Roll Banners can interlock to create an impressive backdrop when combining multiple units together?

A standard Pull-Up Banner is 850mm x 2m. Its’ size, portability and ease of use has made this the most popular size with brands and marketers showcasing at events. This size is also ideal for when floor space is at a minimum.

The below illustration showcases the 4 different Pull-Up Banner size options which are available in our range.

Did you know that we also offer A4 and A3 desktop sizes in our Ex-T Lite Pull-Up Banner range? These are ideal for point of sale counters.

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Looking for something unique? We offer custom shape cut-outs for our Ex-T and Ex-T Lite Pull-Up Banner options.

Check out this video on how to setup and takedown your Ex-T Pull-Up Banner: Ex-T Setup/Takedown