What is crazy to you?

Our team thinks that the individuals who embark on the gruelling 106km Amashova cycle race on a single-speed bicycle, that holds no comforts and is as primitive as it looks are super crazy – about making a positive impact for charity.

These human-powered bikes are going to carry these brave men through many emotions on the day, but one goal is going to push them through to the finish line.

Four ‘insanely good’ men are doing this all for two amazing charities, hoping to raise R100 000 on this body shattering journey. We would be crazy not to back them.

When you’re driven by making a difference in the lives of people in need, you can achieve anything. We know that even when their minds and bodies are screaming for them to give up – their hearts will help push them to the finish line.

Crazy as they may be, not all heroes wear capes and these everyday men are true heroes in our eyes. Most of us wouldn’t even consider taking on this challenge on a top-of-the-range road bike, let alone a stock-standard Qhubeka bike.

So, let’s meet these “crazy” men…

Wade aka “Wade-o”, our resident IronMan and General Manager, initiated this campaign and the reason why the other men were forced (we mean volunteered) to put their bodies on the line. Wade was introduced to one of our chosen charities and absolutely fell in love with their story and the work they’re doing.

Tyron aka “Tyron-o” is our Print Department Manager and recently took off his bike’s training wheels to complete the Durban IronMan 70.3. After Tyron’s maiden ride on his Qhubeka bike, he hasn’t been the same since.

Dean aka “Dean-o” needs no introduction. Dean Edwards is a seasoned professional cyclist and former Team Principal of the professional cycling team known as Team Abantu. It’s his love for cycling and the amazing organisations that we’re helping with this challenge that made it an easy decision to join our campaign. (And let’s slip in that we have a very persuasive Marketing Manager, Kirsty Fonzari, who never takes no for an answer.)

And finally, our newest team member who actually volunteered – now that’s crazy … Peter aka “surprisingly doesn’t have an “o” at the end of his name” is a true Samaritan. Peter owns Tones Platinum (a premium multi-nutrient, herbal and vitamin range) and has not only offered to purchase his own Qhubeka bike but will generously donate it after the race. Plus, he will donate a portion of each sale on his products to both charities leading up to the Amashova race!

Still think these guys are crazy?

Now for the real heroes … Operation Bobbi Bear and iThemba Lethu.

Operation Bobbi Bear’s objectives are to RESCUE and uphold the rights of sexually abused children, MINIMISE RISK of HIV infection and HELP them towards wholeness.

iThemba Lethu is an organisation we have supported for many years. Its objective is to restore hope and destiny in vulnerable children through various programmes, including Family Integration, Breast Milk Bank and HIV Prevention.

We obviously can’t begin to tell you the full story of the incredible work these organisations are doing in our local communities, so check out their respective websites – http://bobbibear.org.za/ and https://www.ithembalethu.org.za/

Get involved – you don’t have to be as crazy as our team, just help us make an impact! Share your motivational messages to the team on Facebook and Instagram using #ShovaForHope. To help us reach our R100 000 donation goal, please donate using the following details:

Bobbi Bear Fund – NPO Reg. No. 015-208
First National Bank Amanzimtoti
Account: 620 1861 9471
Branch Code: 250 655
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Ithemba Lethu – NPO Reg. No. 014-699
Nedbank Musgrave
Account: 1301240958
Branch Code: 198765
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ