Flag Banners


Banner Flags are on virtually every brand’s hitlist when showcasing at an outdoor event. It’s almost criminal not to utilise these versatile products but that doesn’t mean you should use just any cheap banner flag. That wouldn’t be doing your brand any justice. If you’re not prepared to do the time, don’t do the crime. Buying cheap means you’ll probably have to replace it very soon and eventually end up spending more over time, as opposed to investing in quality first and ensuring that your branding looks good enough to grace the covers of a top-end fashion magazine as opposed to a mugshot.

So, what makes our banner flags so great and “wanted” by so many brands all over the world (not just any brands… 86 of the world’s top 100)? Let’s meet the suspects responsible for stealing these brand’s hearts.

Teardrop Banner

Telescopic Banner

Shark Fin Banner

Investing in quality, comes with great reward as all our banner flags can be re-skinned as a result of the high-quality hardware we use. This is a massive cost saving in the long run if you need to update your branding in the future.

So, you have the right to make your brand remain awesome (not silent).