Flex Your Brand’s Muscles

Flexi-Discs offer the best way of giving your brand a 360° impact by combining the practicality of a Boulevard Banner with the movement of a Flying Banner. The innovative design allows the double-sided print to show off your brand from any direction and can be printed with a different image on either side.

Flexi-Discs offer more versatility than a swiss army knife and are ideal for tee-discs, real estate sign boards and even advertising outside your restaurant or business.

These branded discs are more flexible than a cirque du soleil performer, available in 0.5m and 1m diameters and offer an array of mounting options which are designed to work on virtually any surface.

The plastic clamp can be mounted using screws, cable ties, double-sided tape or magnets whilst a stake option allows you to peg it into the ground. The clamp is designed so that it can be orientated: top, bottom, left or right depending on how you want your artwork to be displayed.

So, in a world full of squares, be a flexi-disc and brand (think) outside the box.