Giving Back

At Expand a Sign, we love to recognize the amazing, selfless and dedicated work NGO’s/NPO’s do within our communities.

Whether it’s creating awareness for life threatening diseases or looking after our beloved animals, we’re passionate about giving back and assisting wherever possible.

Gandhi said. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. We believe that every little bit counts towards making this world a better place.

Recently we donated various products to different charities across the country, to help promote awareness for their organisations.


Sponsored Gazebos, Feather Banners, A-Frames and Ex-Rolls for the Children’s Hospital Trust in Cape Town


Sponsored Flying Banner for the Micro Miracle Foundation in Johannesburg

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Sponsored Flying Banner for the Township Animal Rescue in the Western Cape


Sponsored Flying Banner for the Sunflower Fund’s “Miles For Marrow” event in Durban