Going Greener

We live in a throw-away society. Over-consumption and excessive production of short-lived and disposable items has resulted in an instant gratification society. This would be alright if we had an everlasting supply to clean energy to make replacement goods and bottomless landfill sites. But we haven’t.

People seem to have forgotten how to re-use, repair, recycle and reduce. Instead, the trend to replace has taken over. At Expand a Sign, we see the benefit of superior quality products. They simply last longer. Our branded Flying Banners, Pull-up banners, Gazebos, branded parasols and Ex-Up frames are designed so the frame can be re-used with new printed “skins”. Our polyester fabric is also 100% biodegradable and our slogan of ‘say no to styro’ means that all packaging is made of cardboard and can be re used.

We are also committed to community development and our strict recycling programme works hand in hand with this. All waste fabric from the business is donated to a small sewing enterprise named Uzwelo Bags, made up of previously unemployed or retired women who make unique school bags, shopping bags and sports bags. Each person involved benefits directly and in this way, we are helping to uplift the local community. We’ve bought thousands of these school bags and donated them to under-privileged school children around South Africa as part of an AIDS education programme. Our international agents and affiliated companies as well as other corporate companies are also buying shopping bags and sports bags as customer incentives and giveaways.

We’re doing our bit to wipe out waste. Saving the world, one bag at a time.

The EAS Team.