How to care for your Branding…

With summer events season quickly approaching, your branding is guaranteed to rack up some decent mileage over the next couple of months. In-between the manic set ups and frantic takedowns, it’s easy to forget that these are actual investments so taking an extra 5 minutes may save you money in the long run.

The longevity of your branding depends on the colour as well as the environmental factors such as traffic, pollution, sunshine, wind and rain. So here are our top 5 tips for caring for your products.

1. Don’t ride it hard and put it away wet

Though most of our products are weather resistant, we cannot control the after effects of such variables. Thunderstorms are frequent this time of year so if your branding has been exposed to some rain, ensure that you dry it thoroughly before packing away as mould can drastically reduce the lifespan of your branding (and it doesn’t smell too great either).

2. Plan for your next event

After a long and busy event, the last thing you want to do is pack things away neatly. Well this extra little effort may go a long way when looking ahead towards your next event. Keep your branding looking sharp and prolong the lifespan by folding it away neatly. Fold the banner fabric in half (length-ways) and then roll the fabric up around the rods before placing it in the bag.

3. Hold on tight

We are proud of the strength and quality of our products but we know when to pick our fights with mother nature. During conditions when wind speeds exceed that of a breeze, utilise pegs and guide ropes. These will ensure that your branding stays where you placed it and doesn’t end up in another postal code. We strongly suggest that your branding be taken down during conditions where winds exceed 45km/h which is still impressive if you ask me.

4. Many hands make light work

This saying has never been more relevant than when setting up a Gazebo. Most of the issues we encounter with our customers regarding Gazebo damages, is broken legs and this is due to one person trying to set it up on their own or rushing to pack it away. We recommend utilising one person on each leg as this will ensure a safe and effortless setup or takedown.

5. Rubba dub-dub

If used daily, we recommend washing once a month with warm soapy water (30C) or a cold gentle machine wash. Do not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean as this will damage the print and fabric. If the fabric is creased after washing, you may steam iron on a low heat setting.

*Bonus tip – ensure your branding is set up with a 360 degree all-round clearing so that they do not rub against walls, plants, trees and other existing structures as this may damage the fabric.