I BELIEVE* – more than meets the eye

Expand a Sign’s core values and pillars form a collective belief system that everyone within the business not only contributes and subscribes to, but that forms a collective culture that manifests boldly in the business values. At Expand a Sign, that’s about giving so much more of yourself because you want to. It’s about so much more going into what you get out, and striving further than just right now into what could be possible. A business with its own tangible personality is built from the input of many personalities that cooperate to create one cohesive unit of moving parts. This business’s personality is friendly, quirky, committed and proud, and this comes through in everything it does; let’s put a face on the people that create it.

Recently we introduced our new I BELIEVE* brand campaign to all our staff members through an interactive photo shoot, whereby individuals and teams were encouraged to engage with our asterisk and capture the true spirit of the campaign – our people, our values.

The staff were just as confused as we were when we were first introduced to the asterisk concept but it comes with a very interesting story which ties in quite nicely with who we are as a brand.


Our beliefs aren’t just empty talk. They’re a set of values that bind us as a family, unite us in our purpose and motivate us to give you more than you expect. We’re about daily acts of dedication, about putting passion into every step of the process, about making branding mean more than a single banner. We’re about knowing that we sink or swim as a team, and that sinking isn’t an option. Come to Expand a Sign, where you will believe.