Company Culture

The Importance of Company Culture

What is company culture?

Company culture in a nutshell, is a collection of the personality, values, working environment, ethics and goals of a company.
Google is a good example of an organisation with a clear company culture. Ask almost anyone in the tech world about where they would love to work, and Google will top this list 9/10 times. So much so, that many agencies use their model as the yard stick when incorporating company culture into their working environment.

So why is company culture so important? A “must have” rather than a “nice to have”

We have to understand that our workplace is where we spend more than one third of our lives.
A company’s objective when introducing a company culture to its’ staff, is to have all employees operating as a single unit – living and breathing the brand. Not because they’ve been told to do so but rather because they buy into the ideals that you are promoting.
In a business with an unhealthy culture, employees tend to act as individuals, performing their duties to meet their own needs rather than working as a team towards the collective needs of the business.

What are the benefits of a good company culture?

• For starters, culture contributes to the brand identity and values of your company.
• A strong company culture attracts better talent and more importantly, retains that talent.
• The improved morale of staff in a company with a healthy company culture, increases productivity and improved quality.
• A positive company culture encourages a higher degree of employee engagement.

At Expand a Sign, we’ve embraced the importance of a unified company culture through our Yes We Can campaign. Since its’ inception in 2015, our near 300 employees have adopted both our 4 pillars (Quality, Service, Passion & Innovation) and our 6 Values (Responsibility, Honesty, Loyalty, Relationships, Creativity and Achievement) into their daily working routines. Not because they have to but because they want to.

Company Culture
Much like an atom, these elements form the basic building blocks of any successful company culture. We’ve created an environment where we celebrate each individual’s diversity as a family and continuously acknowledge good work and personal/team achievements because at the end of the day, your staff are your most important asset.