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How to Maximise your Branding Budget

With everything nowadays seemingly getting more expensive, as brand/marketing managers, we are forced to get even more creative with our ever-tightening budgets – whilst still maintaining a competitive brand presence in our relative markets.

Have no fear! Expand a Sign has got your back with these top tips on how to maximize your branding budget.

1. Ensure you can use your branding after an event
Nothing worse than investing in a massive weekend event, only for the branding to be irrelevant when the next one rolls around. Try steer clear from printing dates and details specific to an event. This allows you to re-use the same branding at multiple events.

2. Single-Sided vs Double-Sided prints
Funny how our brains work – especially when it comes to brands. We simply need to see the shape/colours of the logo to immediately recognize it. If you don’t require double-sided prints on your banner flags, our single-sided options are just as effective thanks to our amazing print quality that offers great strikethrough.

3. Re-Skin
If you simply have to utilise event-specific branding for whatever reason, most of our banners can be re-skinned. Thanks to our high quality, durable hardware, you can simply change the printed fabric skin between events which is far more cost-effective than purchasing new branding for each event.

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4. Opt for functional and versatile
When branding on a budget, we recommend products that are versatile like our Gazebos, Tents and Umbrellas. Not only do you get brand exposure but also provide shade to people attending your events. Another viewpoint is to make your branding interactive as people’s ability to remember a brand is influenced by the environment in which they experience it.