Quality is not an act, it is a habit

Expand a Sign has built its’ foundation on four core values. Quality, Service, Innovation and passion, and want to share a success story relating to one of these values, Quality…

The Duke & Duchess is renowned as one of the coolest coffee bars in Durban, where you can sit down for a bite, browse a great selection of custom motorcycles, apparel, helmets and accessories or simply have a cup of arguably one of the best coffees in town.

But that’s not all… The décor is Steve McQueen cool with its’ vintage look and instant street cred the minute you walk in. So it was no surprise that the guys at Duke & Duchess contacted us to supply them with Canvex wallpaper to compliment their awesome space.

Now to the success story…

The image below showcases the Canvex we installed in their original shop over a year ago.


Months later and off to a new space…


No, this is not a new Canvex wallpaper but in fact the one from the original shop which the guys from Duke & Duchess relocated themselves.

This is testament to the high quality fabrics and inks we use in manufacturing our products. Going on 2 years and the Canvex is just as perfect as it was the day we first installed it, plus simple enough for any DIY enthusiast to install or relocate.