Perception. So what is the definition of this word? I looked it up using the right click action on my mouse (what ever happened to the Oxford Dictionary?).

The computer thingy spat out words like:

  • Insight
  • Awareness (or lack of)
  • Discernment
  • Observation
  • Sensitivity (males are clueless about this one)
  • View
  • Opinion (everyone’s counts)

Four words on this list resonate with me: “Awareness”, Observation”, “View” and “Opinion”.

Why? Well let me explain with a little story.

I attended a wedding this weekend and the usual ‘white fever’ overcame most of the gathered ladies (what was the dress going to look like?) The bride strolled through the chapel doors and there was the “Ahhhhhh isn’t she beautiful?” Yes indeed she was.

The next question on everyone’s lips was “who designed that dress?” and “I wonder how much it cost” (us humans are funny). Now for the big surprise … the bride had made a decision not to spend a fortune on a dress and if any money was going to be spent it was going to be spent on their future – perhaps towards improving their home. She had looked around and happened to find her perfect dress at the SPCA (yes the animal shelter). For those who don’t know, the SPCA have a store where people can donate goods to be sold to raise money for the animals in need. The dress she saw by chance made a connection with her so she bought it for a fraction of the cost.

But, everyone attending the wedding had the perception that the bride had spent time with some fancy designer/dress maker.

Where is this wedding story going?

Think about your business/brand. We all want our business to look great for that big day (which should be every day!!!). So be very careful of the perception you are portraying to your market. If you are proud of your brand and the values attached to the brand, make sure that when you display it by any means you give the perception of something great.

When you have to decide between two businesses to do business with who do you first approach? The business with a clean building, flawless signage and branding or the business with shoddy branding and fraying flags?

I know which door I will knock on!